Why Friendships End & Why is it Good that Some Do?

Truth is that, much like relationships, friendships are also constantly evolving like we do, and while we can try our very best to hold onto the people we love, there is no guarantee that a bond you have fostered and cherished once will last forever.
Friendships Evolve Like Us

It is often difficult to maintain our friendships from childhood and teenage as we enter the realm of adulthood, and once we fail to identify what we truly have in common with our friends, the bond starts to weaken. Naturally, it is always difficult to find new interests, and memories can only hold us on for so long.

Essentially, it is important to know that the company we keep and the friendships we form are but a reflection of our true selves, and since we are constantly evolving, it is only naturally to make new friends and break away from old ones. We all leave behind friendships we cherished once in our lives, and sometimes, when you are at the receiving end of negative energy, it is better to cut yourself off from people who never try to add positivity to your life.

Friendships are a reflection of who you are and what you need. While we are constantly evolving, there comes a time when we know what the make-and-breaks are in friendship. And once you know what your deal breakers are, naturally you will begin to seek out friendships that fit. Unfortunately, we also know that some friendships will get left behind.
"I reserve the right to be choosy about what and who I allow in my life."
Ending a Friendship

Putting an end to one's friendship or leaving behind a friend is always hard and challenging, even if you are fully aware of the fact that this person must be made to exit your life. For many people, leaving their friends is much harder than ending a romantic relationship because more than anything, it requires one to admit one's own failure at nourishing that particular friendship.

However, if the friendship is failing not because of your fault, but because you had to put up with a great deal of negativity and toxicity, you must put an end to this bond. Toxic relationships are just that, toxic, and they will never add any kind of value or meaning to your life. Instead of holding onto the hope that your friend will magically realize their mistakes and make amends, it is important to claim your power and eliminate negative energy from your life.

We all have friends who only meet us or call us when they want something from us, and no matter how much we look forward to seeing or hearing from them, it is important not to surround oneself with friends who are materialistic and needy, and never available when you are in need.

Our time is the most valuable gift we can give to someone, and this gift must never fall in the wrong hands!

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