How to tell friends what they do not want to hear?

How hard is to tell someone the truth when you know that you will hurt them? How you feel confused and nervous? How you feel fretful to not hurt their feelings?
These are the thoughts that go in our heads when we think about telling our friends something that they most probably do not want to hear. It could either be their boyfriend cheating on them with another girl, or something as petty as seeing their mom with their dad somewhere they shouldn't be.

One thing is for sure and that is the fact that true friends will tell you the truth. It is something that we expect from our friends. After all, being honest with friends is a perquisite to a long-lasting friendship. This post will help you with telling a friend the hard truth.

1. Start with a Buffer

When it comes to delivering bad news or something that others don't want to hear, it is important to start with a buffer statement. The buffer statement can highlight something good that you share with that person or something they have accomplished in life so far.

2. Let the Person Digest What You Have to Say

Don't make the mistake of offering the person solutions or sympathy. You need to first let the person comprehend and digest what you have just said. We all react differently. Some people take longer than others to digest a hard truth. Therefore, give them time.

3. Try Your Best to Come Out As Sincere

No one likes a friend that laughs at their misery. Although, real friends tell you when you are wrong, they need to do in a non-condescending way so as not to hurt the sensibilities of the person. This is important when you think about how to tell them the truth without hurting their feelings.

Benefits of Telling Friends the Truth

1. Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons why you should tell your friend the truth is due to the reason that it will provide you with the peace of mind. Lying can literally take a toll on you and it is not easy to lie continuously. After all, friends should be honest to each other and that is why you should let the friend know. Life will get so much better when you start being honest.

2. Friendship Will Grow and Develop Further

When you are honest and upfront about things with your friend, it lets your friend see that you are a genuine person and care about them. Although, your friend might not like what you have to say such as the clothes that they are wearing or if they should stop partying, but at the end of the day, your friend will most probably come around. This will allow the friendship to grow and develop further.

3. Focus on the Good Bits

When the bad bits have been spoken of, it allows you to focus on the good bits of the friendship and of spending time with that special friend.

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