Friend's Birthday
Seven Best Birthday Surprises for Your Friend
When your best friend's birthday is coming on soon, you have to be quick and creative at thinking about different ideas by how you can surprise them on their birthday.
Now, this can be quite difficult since so many birthday surprises involve a party, and you need to come up with something sweet and different. Here are some ideas that you can use to surprise your friend on his/her birthday. These are bound to make them feel loved, appreciated and happy about the day!

1. Gifts Compiled from Old Memories

If you and your friend are old friends, or have spent a year or more together, you can sort out things that you have collected or bought together. You can get your favourite nail colour shade, old photographs and messages written to each other, something you might have borrowed etc. This will be a sweet yet considerate gift for your friend and it will make them feel special on their birthday.

2. An Unplanned trip

Who doesn't like to take a few days off and enjoy with their friends out of town? For your friend's birthday, you can surprise him/her with an unplanned trip. It might be expensive for you, but if you are planning this surprise with other friends together you can all contribute to bear your friend's expenses. This can be anything from beach, to sports, any adventurous trip, a weekend in Vegas etc.

3. A Group Video with Recorded Messages

Making a short video with recorded messages of all your friend's family members, relatives, other friends etc. is a very sweet and memorable surprise that is bound to impress your friend. For their birthday, you can record the people wishing them and combine it with good animation and music to create the perfect video. Your friend will be surprised to see your effort on their birthday.

4. Write a Letter for Your Friend

Sometimes, contrary to all the expensive items and digital things in the world, just a simple action or thing can win the hearts. With the fast pace of life, writing a letter to your friend on their birthday is simple yet sweet. You can add a small gift to it as well to make it a cute surprise.

5. Cook his/her favourite Meal or Bake them a Cake!

If you have been friends for a while, you would know your friend's favourite home cooked meal. You can cook your friend that meal for their birthday or bake a cake for them and bring it to their home to have a nice lunch or dinner together. Simple gestures are always the sweetest; and this surprise will impress your friend for sure.

6. Birthday in a Box

Surprise your friend with a themed box filled with everything for their birthday. This can include chocolates, face masks, biscuits, cards, balloons, ribbons, bracelets anything.

7. Surprise on their Door

What's better than leaving a beautiful bouquet of flowers with chocolates or just a birthday cake at your friend's doorstep. This is one of the oldest yet most exiting birthday surprises which you can opt for your friend.

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