Making it up:
How Do You Make Up With a Friend You Hurt?
Does your friend seem to be ignoring you after you ditched him to go out with your girlfriend? Did you say something without thinking clearly and ended up hurting your friend? Well, we have all been there.
You might feel frustrated or rather confused because you are not sure how you can make up with your friend after you hurt him.

Wouldn't it be nice to have matters dealt with? After all, you can only be your true self around your friend. Having made up with a friend when you hurt them has many perks such as spending time with them and doing things that you both love. This post will help you make up with a friend that you know you have hurt.

Be Completely Sure That You Are Ready To Make Up

There is nothing worse than making up with a friend and not being over ready for it. If you are not ready and do end up making up with the friend, it would only lead to the friendship deterring. Things would just get worse. This is why you need to be sure about making up with them in the first place. Be fully prepared to face them and what you have done.

Do It in Person

No apology is better than one that is made it person. Serious conversations need to be done face to face. So, head over to your friend's home or dorm room and have a heart to heart with them in person. However, it is advised to first figure out what you would like to achieve from the conversation. You might need to schedule a time that is on neutral turf such as during sports practice or recess. Talk to your friend and show them that you care about them. Your friend should know that you feel bad for hurting him and that you want to make amends.

Remember It Is You That Wants to Talk Things Through

You need to be prepared to face the fact that your friend would not see things your way. Everyone has their own opinion about things and it is up to you to empathize or feel neglected. Go through what mistake you have made in your mind. If you slept with your friend's ex without them knowing or you lied to them about something, you need to own up for your mistakes.

Keep In Mind That Things Take Time

It is not necessary that your friend will want to accept you back into their life. It takes time for people to process things and you need to fine with that. At least when you talk to your friend, you will not feel regret that you have still not apologized to them.

Mean It When You Apologize

If you want to know the secret to making up with a friend that you hurt then you need to mean it when you apologize. Your friend will be able to see it in your eyes when you are truly sorry. So, only apologize if you mean it or else it might backfire.

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