long distance Friendship:
How to keep a long distance friendship?
The feeling of being alone and missing your friend, especially the idea of the friendship ending could tear your heart to pieces. That is why you need to make an effort to keep a long distance friendship alive.
Long distance relationships are hard, let alone friendships. It can be difficult to know that your once best friend has moved away. It could be that they had to go away for college or their parent had a transfer. Whatever the reason might one, the same feeling remains.

Staying in touch with your long distance friend could remind you of those happy days where you used to go swimming with them or when you both first had a crush one someone. The story is the same, we have all been there. However, the question is how you can keep a long distance friendship going. Well, lucky for you, this guide will help you with just that.

Stay Committed

You need to truly commit to your friend in order for the long distance friendship to work. This means you should pick up your mobile and give them a text. You need to make the effort to keep each other in one's lives. Now, the frequency of contact depends on the friendship, but you should ask your friend how often they would like to get in touch with you. Don't be afraid to say that you want to hear from them more or vice-versa. You will need to recognize milestones like promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, and most importantly the tough times when they go through a divorce or a loss.

Social media allows you to stay in touch. However, there are more ways through which you can communicate with your friend. Sometimes a good old-fashioned letter or even a photograph of you together can go a long way to show your friend that you truly care about them and want to continue having them in your life. Discuss with each other which ways could work best.

Visit Them

Keeping a long distance friendship takes hard work but it is completely possible. But that does not mean that you shouldn't go the extra mile and visit your friend while he or she is away. Go ahead book those tickets to the East Coast or West Coast. The point is that it's good to be together. Your friend could visit you instead too and spend the summer with you. The opportunities are endless.

Travel Together

Do you know what is better than visiting your friend who is away? Travelling together, yes you read that right. So summer is here? Then book your flight to those European cities that you both might have always wanted to travel to or a country that overwhelms you such as Pakistan. There are just so many places you both could go together. The main goal is to make new memories which you can both think about when you are apart.

Honesty Is Key

Finally, the most important thing for the long distance friendship to work is honesty. That is why you both need to be honest with one another. Distance changes everything. But, it doesn't have to be this way. You both should open up to each other about you fear and what you wish for. Wishful thinking can go a long way.

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