How to Make Friends in High School
In this day and age where the use of social media and smartphones is skyrocketing, majority of children have forgotten how to socialize. Most of the kids have developed their own little worlds and are happy with the way they are.
In order to maintain good relationships with your peers, it is important to follow a few steps. Making friends in high school can be a challenge for a teenager trying to adjust in the new setting and environment. Below are a few things to consider before planning to go to your high school.
Always dress good

People immediately perceive you accordingly to the way you look. A person might not approach you or like speaking to you if you're looking weird and obnoxious. If you look, dress and smell good, your peers will automatically start to be attracted towards you. Before going to school, always make sure to pick your finest dresses and clothes. Whether you're a girl or a boy, having a neat and tidy dress is key.

"I reserve the right to be choosy about what and who I allow in my life."
Make sure to keep smiling

Your attitude defines you therefore, you need to be very careful about the way people see you. You can't maintain a rude and arrogant persona and expect people to be friends with you. You should try to stay happy and keep smiling so that people don't feel scared or threatened before approaching you. Keep a smile on your face and see the magic happen. You should not smile too much that makes you look like a weirdo. Just keep a balanced nature towards people and should be able to find good friends around you.

Joining clubs is a good idea

Since all high schools provide various clubs ranging from singing, dancing and book clubs to history, gymnastics and science clubs. Before joining any of these clubs, you should decide what suits you best because you're going to meet similar people there. If you're not a book worm or have little or no interest in books, try not to join a book club because you'll have to be pretending all the time. So join a club you like and start socializing with your peers with a smile.

Join a sports team or two

Whether it's swimming, basketball or table tennis, try joining a sports team or two. You will definitely find and meet new people there and eventually be able to maintain good bonds. The key to making friends is to go places. You can't just keep sitting in your class room and expect to find likeminded people. You need to look around, play sports and see for yourself. When you will play in teams, you will automatically start to develop a bond of friendship with your play mates therefore try to play sports and see the results for yourself.

Ask questions

Nobody likes a quiet and self-centered person. You need to approach people, ask about their views and maintain a healthy conversation with them. Asking questions and socializing with people might help you in making new friends in high school.

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