GIRL Friendship
How friendship work?
Friendships are a two-way street. That means that each person should reciprocate the same feelings you have. You should love being around your friends, chat all day long, and have a great time with them. They should feel the same way. You both should be able to confide in each other and talk freely.
But, even so, friendship is not as simple as just knowing a person and pleasing one another. Friendship goes far beyond just talking at recess or sharing some symbolic object together. Knowing how friendship works are something that many have tried to decipher and few have succeeded.

This article will try to help you nurture your friendships and make them last forever.
"Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart."
– Washington Irving
Being a good friend is not an easy task. Although, in many television series is always talking about what a good friend should or should not do. However, saying it is very easy but putting it into practice is another thing. Therefore, the best way to start a good friendship is to have genuine feelings towards other people.

Your real friends will always celebrate and appreciate the differences between you two. You should never try to change who you are to fit someone else's expectations, and definitely you should not ask your friends to change for you. One of the most beautiful things about friendship is that you know that your friends will accept you, no matter what. They know your qualities and they know your flaws, and they love you just the way you are.
Where friendship starts?

Situations can vary because in this world there are so many possibilities that anything can happen. Even so, there are some signs that help you identify when true friendship is beginning. From sharing adventures and attending parties together, to tell each other secrets or dreams they have wanted to fulfill.
More details on starting a friendship on the link here
Can a friendship last forever?

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. You may share a particular bond over time with one friend. And with another, that may take more time or it may be more fleeting. Friendships can last as long as both people want them to last. Sometimes friendships last "seasons." This means that the friendship may be during a certain period of your life like high school or college. Over time, they might gain other interests that aren't like yours. You may start to see your friends growing apart a little or a lot. That's okay, though. If your friendship isn't as strong as you once felt it was, it may be time to find new friends and move on. It's a cycle, and it is important to be aware of that. It's what everyone goes through.

And some friendships may never falter. You may have the same interests your whole lives. And you may share everything with each other, too. A forever friendship is unique and is special. But it must come naturally, and the key to keeping it healthy is to communicate openly and kindly.

How do friendships break?

The truth is, some friendships can to last forever and some do not. Some friendships may take time apart due to life circumstances. For instance, you both may away to college. There may be an opportunity to rekindle your friendship. You two may see you are both in the same place and share interests again. My best friend from grade school and I grew apart when we were teens. We reconnected after college and found we have more in common than when we left off. Some friendships are that way.

Some friendships may break over a long period of time or a short period of time. Sometimes an event or disappointment may come. Sometimes this causes friendships to break. They may get mad at you or you might get mad at them. Both or one of you may agree the friendship is completely over. That is okay, too.


Friendships start through common interests, activities, and other emotional commonalities. Don't be afraid to be yourself when making friendships grow. Some friendships last and some may not. Do know that the most important thing is to be kind to one another. Respect others, and communicate openly. Then, your friendships have an advantage of lasting forever.

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