How Friendship Improves Your Health
Friendships play a major role in all parts of your life, and thus, they can affect your health and wellbeing significantly. It is important to understand the essence of friendship and maintain them well to stay happy and content.
Just like you, we love hanging out with friends. Often, we have heard that we are affected by the company we keep; and it is true. Good friends are good to your health, and vice versa. Friends do not only team up to talk and eat, they can actually help you and benefit your health in a lot of ways:

  • Enhance the feeling of belonging and purpose in you.

  • Lower your stress levels as well as increase your happiness.

  • Add to your self-confidence and self-worth.

  • Stay by your side to cope with traumas e.g. serious illness, loss of a loved one, divorce or losing a job.

  • Motivate you to change any unhealthy habits and strive towards setting higher goals and living healthy e.g. quitting smoking and drinking.

Health Benefits According to Science

Good friends are there for you at all times; whether you are laughing over a cup of coffee, trying on new dresses, your good friends are always there for you when you need them and that is what makes them special. Research suggests that loyal friendships can have a lot of medical benefits for us which includes mental, physical, and emotional advantages. Some significant heath benefits of good friendships are:

1. Improved Immune System

Science has found a strong relation between your immune system and your bonds of friendship, that's right! If you have good friends who are caring and loyal, chances are you have a stronger immune system and stronger anti-inflammatory responses to wounds and illnesses. This means you can cure and heal of diseases and wounds even cardiovascular diseases a lot faster just because of your friends!

2. Reduced Stress Levels

Friendships play an important role in handling a lot of our stress. When you spend good quality time with your friends, you talk and laugh over your problems, discuss any issues, find possible solutions, joke around etc. all which deals with a lot of stress which may have affected your mental health; as a result, you have lower stress levels.

3. Higher Self-Confidence

If your friends are supportive of you and your dreams, you might be one of the luckiest people. This is because they are there to motivate you towards achieving your goals, they boost your confidence and praise your skills, even if you feel unsure about yourself.

4. Enhanced happiness

Happy vibe attracts happiness in your own self. That's right, if your friends are happy and outgoing, chances are that you can be affected by their mood and feel happier as well. Happiness is contagious, and in this case, it is healthy for you.

5. Improvement in Overall Health

You might not be aware of the strong health benefits that good friendships have for you. You adopt good habits from good friends, leaving you happier and healthier than ever. Your friend's influence means a lot for your health, so choose wisely.

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