Breaking good:
How to break up with boyfriend without hurting his feelings?
You might feel scared of hurting his feelings or worse him doing something to himself. However, breaking up with your boyfriend can open up a world of possibilities. You will certainly have more time for yourself and your girlfriends.
Breaking up with your boyfriend is one of the hardest things to do. You might not love him anymore or want to take a break from it all. Lying to him about how you feel does not help one bit. Instead, it can break your heart in the process. This guide will help you break up with your boyfriend without hurting his feelings. But, keep in mind that your boyfriend will get hurt and will definitely get over it.

Choose the Right Timing

Breaking up with your boyfriend over dinner might be hard, especially if he takes you out for a data night. That is why you need to choose the right timing to do so. Mornings are a blur. Hence, consider meeting him in the park during the afternoon or evening. That should provide you with sufficient time to talk it out and still get some sleep in the end.
Break Up In Person

Everyone has heard about those stories of getting dumped over a text and no one wants that for themselves. Besides, your boyfriend deserves better. Anything less than an in-person conversation is not recommended. In order to show your boyfriend the respect that he deserves, you need to meet him in person and break up with him. It's the only way that could console him and ensure that his feelings do not get hurt.

Prepare the Breakup Conversation Beforehand

There should be a script in your mind of what you will tell your boyfriend when you break up with him. You should be prepared for questions and comments that you might not like. However, when you plan the conversations in advance, you would feel more emotionally equipped and less anxious to end things with him.

Consider a Public Place That Is Not Too Public

Balance is crucial here when it comes to the location where you would break up with your boyfriend. When you are out in the open, it allows you to talk to him without feeling trapped. The location should be just the right amount of private, nothing too much and nothing too less. A park is a great place to break up as there wouldn't be a lot of people and he will be able to breathe it out.

Avoid Being Drunk When Breaking Up

Both you and your boyfriend should not be drunk when you break up with him. A clear mind is extremely important. It will let him think things through. Besides, who knows, maybe he wants to break up with you too since school is almost over and both of you seem to be going to different places for college. Imagine breaking up with him when he is drunk and he doesn't seem to remember it. So, avoid being drinking altogether.

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