Giving up on a Friendship: Is there a Correct Time?
No matter what the media and people lead us to believe, in today's world nothing is more important than your peace and mental health.
Feeling alone in a group of friends, your best friend lashing out on you every single time she does a mistake, or your friend cheating on with your best friend. Following are some questions that you need to ask yourself when you are feeling alone depressed, remember, sometimes it's better to mark your distance and stay away.
"I reserve the right to be choosy about what and who I allow in my life."
Feeling Manipulated

Manipulation can be very tricky to understand. It relates to governing the emotions and choices of others and having no will of your own. In case you feel like you are not the boss of your own life instead, your friend is, maybe it's time to break the string that you're holding on to. Your friend cannot decide what you can eat and whom can you love. It is understandable that it can be quite hard to point out if you are being manipulated by your friend, but rather than sulking and dying inside every day, you need to understand this is not a healthy friendship.

Friends based on Status and Likes

Some friends are there only because either we force a friendship, or we have been forced into one based on similar backgrounds. For instance, rich kids are friends with each other, or really groomed girls are friends; but really, this is not how that works or should work. Having a similar background or status or similarities with someone should not be a base to develop a friendship with them. Try finding a true connection where you can joke and do silly things. In case you find yourself stuck in a friendship based on pomp and show, it's time to hit the red button you've been avoiding.

Trust and Help in times of Need

Friendship is wildly based on trust and it cannot be stressed enough. You might hear the saying that you can always share with your best friends what you can't share with your parents or siblings. This is because of trust! Would you label someone as a friend who doesn't have your back in the times of need, if you've fractured your leg or are hurt by someone, you need your friend's help. But if your friend is not there in the times of need, and if they betray your trust, you should reconsider calling your friend a 'friend'.


Breaking off friendships can be truly heartbreaking and is one of the toughest decisions in life to make. It is important to remember friends come and go in your life. Some will be your school friends, some work friends, some will stay in touch. These are all normal. Understand the difference that all this is normal, but being manipulated, being betrayed, being forced into someone you are not is not what a friend does. True friends are never jealous but add to your happiness in life and embrace you the way you are.
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