Thanksgiving Dinner:
Fun Things to Do with Friends and Family After Thanksgiving Dinner
There is nothing more frustrating than keeping your friends and family entertained on thanksgiving. Since everyone has different interests, it becomes challenging to prevent everyone from getting bored.
Are you looking for things to do after a thanksgiving dinner? Want to keep things interesting on thanksgiving?

We all know as soon as the Thanksgiving meal is over, the day can change into chaos. To make sure everyone has a great time at your place, you need to indulge everyone in different activities. This a wonderful way to bring the whole family together.

The games you play on Thanksgiving will help in creating wonderful memories, bonding, and moments filled with laughter. In this post, we have listed several games that you can play after the thanksgiving dinner.

Have a Talent Show

One of the most interesting activities to do with your family and friends is to organize a talent show. This is something the whole family will look forward to. Both adults and grownups can participate in the talent show. You will have the whole year to plan and practice the performance. You can sing, play guitar or violin, quote Shakespeare or anything else you are good at. The best performer will get a trophy. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should let your guests know in advance about the talent show. You have to encourage everyone to take part in the show.

Touch Football

Thanksgiving will not be complete without pumpkin pie, turkey, and of course, football. Ask everyone to play touch football. The game should be fun, so everyone can enjoy it.

Treasure Hunt

Since Thanksgiving is about the things you are grateful for, ask your friends and family to bring the things they are thankful for. Then, hide these things and have them look for the things while they wat for dessert. This is a fun activity to enjoy with your family.

Play Board Games

There is nothing more fun than playing board games with your friends and family. Many people don't play board games all year except for Christmas. This thanksgiving change the rules and get out all the board games you have like Scrabble, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit, Chutes & Ladders, Cranium, Yahtzee, and much more.

When you play board games and create camaraderie. It is also a great way to offer entertainment after thanksgiving dinner.


One of the most played and enjoyed games for the whole family is charades. This activity will not take too much time. To keep things interesting, make your own rules. The important thing you need to keep in mind is that it should be fun.
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