Friendship Bondages after High School
Let me share with you the famous quote by a legendary saint Rumi that "Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond."
You are not alone, we've all been there. After graduating from your high school, you will be feeling like a mysterious jumble of enthusiasm and panic. You are going to enter in entirely different phase of life which is chilling enough to have new start. Everyone from the class mates will be in the condition of melancholy as you are parting ways from your best buddies. This is the hardest part. The most beautiful act to do after your high school is to keep in touch with your high school buddies. It is exceptionally difficult for you to keep the connection even after high school.

Whether you are moving to different city or even moving to foreign country, you can have so many options at the table that will keep your friendship alive. Internet has minimized the communication barriers between the long-distance relationships. Under mentioned are some of the ways that will help you to keep your friendship fresh and alive.

Arrange the Farewell

The wonderful thing about friendship is to celebrate memorable days with your friends. Mark your special days with a ritual. Arrange a farewell party for your friends and say them goodbye in a formal way. You should exchange cards with each other.

Set Levelheaded Expectations

When you will be leaving your high school, there will always be a fear of losing old friendships and making new ones. You can handle it very nicely by having a conversation with your buddies at your farewell gathering. You can convey your thoughts of keeping in touch in future to your friends. Always set equable terms conditions for yourself. Never make compromises that you will be unable to fulfill. Try not to lock each other in times of busy schedules.

Have Monthly Meet Ups

You can schedule monthly gatherings with your high school mates. The good thing is to call your every friend and ask him/her about the availability at the weekends. With the passage of some time and after having few gatherings after high school you guys can streamline it at perpetual basis.

Exchange Random Gifts

Exchanging gifts between friends is wonderful thing to do. This activity will keep your friendships alive. The value of a gift cannot be counted in monetary terms but the intentions of the sender. Sending gifts will always give you an additive advantage in your friendship.

Social Media Forum

In the present age, the role of internet in every aspect of life is inevitable. The usage of social media forum will be extremely helpful for you. Try to have chat with your friends. Make groups of your friends at social media apps so that everyone can interact with each other.

Call Your Friends

Try to call your friends in their free time. You can share the thoughts in your mind with your buddy by having phone calls.

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