Christmas with friends
Spending Christmas with Your Friends with Fun Activities
You can never choose family, but you always choose your own friends, and they are indeed another close kind of family whose bond need to be celebrated on Christmas.
Christmas is traditionally a family holiday where all our relatives gather to rejoice the bond of blood and remember good times; as well as create new memories. However, it is not always necessary to celebrate Christmas with your family. For some of you, you might notice your friends who have friction with their families or have lost their parents. What you can do to make them feel valued is celebrate a friends' Christmas eve!

Here are examples of some fun activities for you to do with your friends on Christmas and create memories together.
Make DIY Gifts for Your Favorite Teachers!

If you and your friends are school or college fellows, you might enjoy this fun and endearing activity for Christmas. Every on of us has a favorite teacher whom we idealize and love their personality. It is always special if you make a small gift of your own, and on an occasion such as Christmas, it makes it even more special for your teachers. So think of ideas such as potpourri jars, self-made candles, a hand-made Christmas card and gift it to your favorite teachers.


Christmas is the perfect time to chip in and do some community work, as well as be of service to the people who need us most. Christmas is a celebration and at this time, let us not forget the ones who cannot afford food and clothes.

Team up with your friends to plan a charity drive this Christmas and buy clothes and toys for the orphans and the needy. This you can plan beforehand to collect donations and plan a good charity for Christmas. You can also get a food kitchen to help you with distributing soup on the cold winter day as well. This will not only bring a smile to the people's faces, but also bring a smile on yours.

A Cozy Christmas One-dish

Many a times, it becomes a rush for one of you friends to organize and do everything on Christmas including food. This can be very easy if every one of you decides to bring one item of food (either homemade or else) and then sit together to enjoy your meal. These types of meals are the best, where you get the taste of diverse hands and laugh together on your memories, joke around.

Bottom Line

Christmas is not about spending enough money on getting each other gifts or having a huge party to gather your friends. Real friends will gather around for just cookies and coffee and still make the best memories with you on Christmas. Friends can make anything fun, so even cooking with them in the kitchen, charity work, or having a now fight outside will all be adventures that you'll have on Christmas and will cherish forever.

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