Is it weird to give a friend flowers?
No. There is no rule saying that you can't give your friend flowers as a gift. Flowers are meaningful gift that you can give to for your female friends on many special occassions. Here are some....
1. Galentine's Day
Galentine's Day is on February 13th, a lesser-known holiday, is celebrated as a day for "girls celebrating girls."

2. Friendaversary
A friendiversary is the anniversary of the date when two or more girls start beeing friends. Flowers & VIY Necklace can make cute "Happy Friendiversary" gift.

3. Birthday

Choose Lilies. Lilies represent positivity, love, appreciation and compassion. Above all, Lilies will definitely brighten her special day!

4. I Care About You Day
This lesser-know holiday is on October 25th. This is the day when we honor friends and family for no other reason but to tell them we love and appreciate them.

5. Get Well Soon
Choose Daisies. Daisies symbolize innocence, purity, simplicity and new beginnings. Daisies and VIY Necklace will bring back the Smile to her Face.

Pro Tip* - How to find out if the Flowers are fresh? The Bud has to be firm and green. Next, petals must have bright colors without brown ends.

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I won this from my sister, just as a hey, I love you gift. And it means so much!!! It is a special gift to give to your sister, or whoever, will love it.
Samantha Giako
I like this necklace very, very much! Won this for a very close friend of mine. We're probably closer than many sisters, we have had similar experiences...
Clare Wiliams
Perfect gift for a friend that do not wear jewelry. People compliments my friend jewelry and she forgets she is wearing it.
Sarah Lewanski
This necklace is very cute and I look forward to giving it to my little sister! I think that they make great gifts.
Alex Leeder
Receiving a stunningly wrapped gift is exciting and overwhelming. This is why this necklace comes in a lovely brown paper bag with a cute message saying, "Love is Sweet". It will save you the hassle and stress of packing the gift.

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