Fixing Crumbled Friendships
Let me start with the famous saying of Mother Teresa that is "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." It needs your time and efforts for fixation of crumbling friendships.

Friendships can be dissolved due to multiple reasons. Someone's emotions can be hurt by a friend and the relationship will go into further deterioration when the issues will not be expressed between the concerned parties. You and I, we both know how hard and painful it feels, when a friend breaks your trust. If friends will not take the responsibility of their deeds then issues can be bone of contention between friendships. The significance of open and friendly communication between friends cannot be denied. You cannot fix your problems without depleting the barrier of communication. You need to invest your compassion, patience, respect, love and care in this friendship regardless of knowing about the results.

You cannot spend your life alone so the importance of your relationships, friendships is inevitable as these will help your existence in this world. Under mentioned are some of the significant actions that are needful to do in fixing your broken friendships.

Open for Communication

Your biggest mistake is your premature assumptions about the outcomes of communication with your friend due to which you usually avoid talking. In reality you don't know the outcomes. Your premature wrong perceptions about the results of discussion will affect the outcomes as you have already grown negativity in your mind. You have to open all the barriers of communication with good heart and bona fide intentions.

Accept Your Blunders

It's the greatness of your character if you are accepting your mistakes. If you have decided to fix your friendship, then don't be late in accepting the wrongdoings at your part. Take a first step in accepting the mistakes at your part. This acceptance of yours in first instance will do wonders for your friendship. Admit that your behavior was below the belt or your words were unacceptable. This will definitely heal the broken hearts.

Listen to the Grievances

You should be a good listener. Give space to your buddy so that he/she can speak by heart all their grievances. Take it as a primary responsibility to listen another friend who is angry with you. Listening has a significant value as it is helpful in mending broken friendships. This will give him the feeling that he is getting space to speak in this friendship.

Efforts for Having Improvement

Your friendship is passing through a bumpy road and the major reason behind this can be this that you are no more hanging out with your friend. Might be you have stopped texting or calling him/her the like the way you were doing before. Due to demanding schedules this can happen. No if you have decided to fix the crumbling friendship then start making efforts by sending frequent messages, emojis, greeting cards or gifts. These efforts will act as a booster.

Fixing a Friendship is Worth it!

We are living in a world where relationships and friendships have lost their value. You are not supposed to break a friendship without giving it a real chance. Your relationships and friendships are a true source of happiness for you. So, don't wait and start fixing your issues with your friends as well have to live once and this life is very short to have disputes with others.

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