'Your Boyfriend May be Cheating': How to Break this Bad News to Your Friend
Among all the bad habits, things and incidents you might not be willing to tell your friend, telling her that her boyfriend is cheating on her might be the hardest
Apart from the problem's intensity, this kind of confession can turn into a blame on you, but most of the time, it ends in appreciation. Like You, we also understand how fretting it feels to tell the hard truth to your friend. It is important to remember to be gentle while breaking this news to her, so that she doesn't break out on you. Here are some tips that can help you:
Ask Her About Any Signs and Changes

Cheaters always leave their signs behind. Instead of telling her directly, you can ask her about any recent changes she noticed in her boyfriend, if he has been treating her the same or not. While she may not have considered this before, she might come up with some odd things which you can then relate to the bad news that her boyfriend is a cheater.

Confront the Boyfriend

Confronting the boyfriend is a good idea, so that if there is any conscience in him, he might regret cheating on your friend and tell her by himself. Talk to him about his unethical and unfair behaviour and disloyalty towards is friend. If he is not affected by this, tell your friend about his cheating yourself.

Try to Gather Proof/ Show Her

If you have yourself seen the boyfriend cheating on your friend with another girl, you can gather proof about it. Gather any possible screenshots or take a picture while they hang out. You can even take your friend to the place you have seen the boyfriend come with the other girl often. This way, if luck helps, she can see it for herself or know by the proofs.

Send Proofs in Anonymity

There are significant chances that your friend might blame you or cry if you tell them about her cheating boyfriend; and you cannot risk losing her of course. In this case, you can send an y pictures or screenshots you have anonymously from another account or leave any notes in the locker, windshield or room anonymously.

Be Honest and Direct

When all else doesn't work, you can always be direct and honest to your friend and tell her about the bad news that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Try to tell her this news when you both are alone, so she does not feel embarrassed or break out too aggressively. Never add to the bad habits of the guy to make her feel more hatred towards him because at this point, your friend is feeling bad enough.

Let her know how it affects You

We often hear jokes about how the girls' friends don't like the boyfriends of their pals. Sometimes it is true, but it does not mean that you can be excited about telling your friend about his cheating, or even to taunt that you told her so. Empathize with her that it hurts to have her friend being betrayed by her boyfriend. It might make this news a little easier for her.

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