How to Write the Perfect Birthday Wish for Your Friend
Signing birthday cards is not just everybody's cup of tea. Some people can just pick up a pen and write the best and sweetest birthday message in an instant; where there are others who have to think about the right things, the right words, and the right wish
Whichever one from the two categories you are, this article provides you with some handy tips to write a warm and sweet birthday message for your friend.

I feel your pain. When it's your best friend's birthday, you need to think about the best birthday wish for them, something that signifies your friendship bond as well as makes you stand out from other friends, yes that's right! But coming up with the right words, right expressions can be challenging because you have to keep the message short yet sweet and complete. It should be something that comes right from the heart… and makes your friend's heart melt the moment they read it.

Write Short Notes

You can write down multiple short notes for your friend. In these notes, you can write all the good things about their personality, why you like them, and why you are happy to be friends with them. This will be a collection of short notes for them so your friend can read them whenever he/she feels sad or demotivated in life.

Be Genuine

When you are writing a birthday message to your friend, try to be the most genuine person you can be. Write about all the good times, your funny moments, the humour you two share, any inside jokes or special hugs. All these things that are real and make them feel appreciated for being in your life.

Talk About Your Shared Memories

Writing some cue points about your best memories together, any fun class bunking incidents, any pranks you played, or any other happy moments adds a humorous and nostalgic effect to your message. Sharing a laugh is always a great way to customize a birthday message; so, joke around about age, or use your best comebacks to write down a happy message for your friend.

Thank them for being a Good Friend

You can write why your friend is important in your life. For instance, they help you out in need, give you advice, share your problems etc. Sometimes, all someone needs to hear is that they have been a good friend to you. And writing this in a birthday message is a great idea.

Shared Difficult Circumstances

Sometimes, birthdays may fall over sad events at the time of someone's recent death, due to some illness, a loss of job or even some financial or personal situations. Such times can be hard and wishing your friend through these times requires a different tone. You can appreciate their strength that they showed during the difficult times, motivate them that things will get better or even celebrate that a difficult year has passed, and good times are at their door.

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