Best Ways of Apologizing to Friend on Missing Birthday
This thing will definitely now embarrassing you as you have missed such an important day of your best friend's life. Definitely now you will be thinking about all the possible remedies that you have to rectify your unintentional mistake.
Under mentioned are some of the constructive ways that will help you a lot in sorting out this problem.

Apologizing Nicely

If you are genuinely late in wishing your best friends on their birthday then you don't need to be worried at all. A simple homemade birthday card and birthday present will accommodate the mistake. You can write you apology in the homemade card in the creative way. You can find numerous ideas from all over the internet. All you need to do is to search it online. You can also apologize with your friend at social media. It will show your sincerity if you will be apologizing publicly. If your friend will be ok with it then post a sorry note at his/her facebook wall. This will also show that you are taking responsibility and putting something extra to make up for the lost time. A song or a quote can also work in this scenario.

Send Him Cake or Chocolates

You can also send your friend a cake at residential address. Number of cake delivery shops can do this job for you. To make things more better just add the words "Belated Happy Birthday" at the cake. Apologizing in a creative and innovative way will definitely appeal your friend. Before apologizing please try to know about the mood of the friend with whom you are apologizing.

Celebrate it on another Day

It is never too late to celebrate the missing birthday of your best friend. Try to find out the name of best restaurant in your locality that your buddy prefers for dine-in. Arrange a booking in that one and call the entire group to participate in celebrations. This activity will definitely make your friend feel special and better. Try to give them a surprise.

Be Honest

This is one of the golden rule to follow while apologizing with your best friend. Be honest with him or her in the whole scenario as we all know that honesty is the best policy. Try to make sure that you are sincere with your apology. Time will heal everything so it also highly recommendable that please give some time and space to your best friend. Things will definitely get better gradually.

We should not be egoistic in this world. People usually think that they will lose respect in apologizing with their best friends. It will definitely strengthen your bondage with your buddy. This will show your friend his/her importance in your life. These points will definitely help you a lot in this scenario and in future years.

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