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We are new online shop, starting May, 2014. It all began as a University project. Now we are happy to inform you, that we kick off. This accessories site  is created by two marketing students, and this is our first project of this kind, after our graduation. That is the story behind Myfriendshop.

First You’ll ask – Why we can make your shopping experience easy? 

We trust our friends, we trust their words,  we can rely on them for advice. Friends help each other. We are Your Friend Shop. Our ideology is managing a shop, what can be trusted, that is close to Your needs,and can provide you a friendship for lifetime. Any concerns, or questions you have, we are happy to answer. Any advice , or help you need , we are here to give. We are here for you ! We are here to make you feel safe, while you are shopping. That’s what real friends do, right?

Find your accessories here. Accessories play a really important role in the fashion world, and every woman is crazy about her  fashion accessories. They are representing  woman individuality and style. Shop Your sunglasses, belts, handbags, watches, necklaces and lot more on Myfriendshop.

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